Topless in Atlantic City

This past summer my best friend and I decided that we deserved a "girls night out". We were down by the Jersey shore and started our night at a local bar which featured some good live bands. After a couple of hours and more then a couple of drinks we got bored and headed to Atlantic City. We took the shore roads to get down there stopping at every place that looked interesting to either one of us. Needless to say by the time we got into the city we were totally wasted. My friend parked (sort of) and we staggered into the nearest casino. After some time and several more free drinks we moved back out to the street and wandered around. My friend saw a "strip bar"and convinced me that we should check it out. Inside there were a lot of drunk rowdy men and on stage was a young girl flashing her stuff. The next thing I know there’s my best friend up on stage dancing around and pulling off her blouse. I tried to get her down but somehow (and to this day I still don't remember how) I ended up there with her. We both stripped and danced together until the manager told us we had to get down, the rest of the night guys were buying us drinks and trying to pick us up. When the bar closed at 4a.m. We decided that since we were down there we should go to the beach so drunk as skunks we crawled over there and fell asleep in the sand. The next thing I remember was waking up and after peeling my eyelids apart I woke my friend up and tried to figure out what we had done, you see we were both still topless and our blouses and bras were nowhere to be seen. We had to go onto the boardwalk holding our arms in front of our breasts until we could buy some tee shirts at a stand (the owner gave them to us as we also had lost our purses). We both swore off drinking that day and stayed sober after that. Until the next weekend but that’s another story.


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Corner of the Bar Babes Present

Christmas Presents for the Corner of the Bar Babes!

pamibe, my partner in design crime, has come up with a fantastic new logo for the exalted Corner of the Bar Babes! Pam really does some nice work! Make sure you go over and tell her thanks!

Corner of the Bar Babes logo
Corner of the Bar Babe

If you see any of the Babes in the following list, tell them to get over here and get their present. [Look down in the extended entry for instructions]

Amy: Aimless
Margi: As I See It..
Candy: Candy Universe
Linda: Civilization Calls
Helen: Everyday Stranger
Emmie: I Don't Think
Momma: Mamamontezz
Dana: Note-It Posts
Pam: Pamibe
Susie: Practical Penumbra
Beth: She Who Will be Obeyed
LeeAnn: The Cheese Stands Alone
Kate: Venomous Kate
Denita: Who Tends The Fires
Erica: BigStick.US
Heather: Angleweave
Anna: Primal Purge

If I left you off the list, fire off a nasty comment and I'll get you put in the sidebar as soon as I can!

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Helen's Hot Holiday

Highlights of Helen's Thanksgving Celebration!

He laid her on the table
So white clean and bare.
His forehead wet with beads of sweat
He rubbed her here and there.

He touched her neck and then her breast
And then drooling felt her thigh.
The slit was wet and all was set,
He gave a joyous cry.

The hole was wide...he looked inside
All was dark and murky.
He rubbed his hands and stretched his arms...
And then he stuffed the turkey.

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Cyborg Bloggers II

C.Y.B.O.R.G. Generator: Enter your name and the Cyborger will tell you your Cyborg name and your dark purpose.

Cyborg name generator came up with these descriptive names and purposes for the members of Madfish Willie's Corner of the Bar Babes. [Note: This is an updated list and there will be some surprizes here!]

P.A.M.: Positronic Artificial Machine
A.M.Y.: Artificial Mechanical Youth
D.A.N.A.: Digital Artificial Nullification Android
S.U.S.I.E.: Synthetic Unit Skilled in Infiltration and Exploration
C.A.N.D.Y.: Cybernetic Artificial Neohuman Designed for Yardwork
M.A.R.G.I.: Mechanical Android Responsible for Galactic Infiltration
E.T.H.N.E.: Electronic Technician Hardwired for Nocturnal Exploration
L.I.N.D.A.: Lifeform Intended for Nocturnal Destruction and Assassination
H.E.L.E.N.: Humanoid Engineered for Logical Exploration and Nullification
D.E.N.I.T.A.: Digital Electronic Nocturnal Infiltration and Troubleshooting Android
J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R.: Journeying Electronic Neohuman Normally for Intensive Fighting and Efficient Repair
V.E.N.O.M.O.U.S.: Vigilant Electronic Neohuman Optimized for Mandatory Observation and Ultimate Sabotage
K.A.T.E.: Kinetic Android Trained for Exploration

Tomorrow: The Cyborg Munuvians

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www [dot] margilowry [dot] com

As you may have noticed, I am constantly poking around in the code and messing my blog up! I like poking around... all kinds of places!

I think that the aesthetics of a blog are part of the appeal to readers. Now granted, mine is not the prettiest blog in the blogosphere I do try to add some neat coding and buttons and bells and whistles to make it a more inviting [and I hate this term] experience for my readers [bowfem].

As I go to other sites and see stuff I like, I try to find out how to do it for my site by looking at source code and then jacking around in my code. That works well enough with Blog*Spot, but not too good with MT. So, I am usually relegated to begging asking the blogger for help and advice.

One of the site's I think has a great visual appeal, as well as content, is As I See It.. or www [dot] margilowry [dot] com. She has a really cool set up. Comments that expand inside the entry body. Expanding and collapsing extended entries. Cool graphics and backgrounds. Hover links using the overline and underline tags. Non-standard separators between the stuff and the thingys on the posted by line. I've asked her on more than one occasion how she did this or did that and she jumps right on it and gives me back a really nice e-mail explaining how or where. She's just the best!

Anyway, I thought it would be appropriate to give her some public kudos for all her help and assistance. At least my stuff can look nice, even if it is just a big ol' pile of crap!


Now, everybody run over to her site and let's give her a Willie-Lanche [or just drop off a six-pack or bottle of tequila]!

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you guys this, but Margi is one fine looking lady!

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Preliminary Logo

All the Corner of the Bar Babes have been asking for a logo to put on their site. I was jacking arounf the other night and decided to see if I could design a half decent one. So, here is the first logo I designed for you. Let me know of anything you think might make it better and how it looks on your site!

COTBB Champagne Toast.gif

Go ahead and download and put on your server if you want to use it. I can revise it to include any feedback I get from anyone!

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Heather, one of The Corner of The Bar Babes, sent me a bar poem. This poem is where the name of her blog came from. It is a really neat poem and Madfish Willie most humbly thanks bonnie Heather for her grace and generosity!

Here is the poem reproduced in full.


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The Corner of the Bar Babes

Well, crap... I guess I really messed up. I left a name off of the Corner of The Bar Babes list. I knew I was gonna leave someone off, and then get into a world of shit for being so stupid.

So, Two-Dragons of Who Tends The Fires, Imperial Tender of the Fires, Keeper of Useless Trivia, Glorious Lady of the Rott and now, Corner of The Bar Babe, please accept my most humble apologies for my oversight.

Now that the kissing of the ass is completed, Two-Dragons may help us design a logo for Madfish Willie's. I understand she is a very talented artist; we look forward to finalizing what we are looking for so she can help us out with a beautiful, hand-drawn logo, with pretty colors and everything.
[No pressure to perform there.]


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The Corner of the Bar Babes

It's been brought to my attention that there are no girls in the Corner of The Bar Gang!

So, I aksed Harvey and Blackfive: "What about letting girls in the gang?"

Harvey: "Guys don't have girls in their gang!"

Blackfive: "Yeah, what the hell's the matter with you anyway?"

Well, that is a private club after all. So, let's start a private club for the babes that regularly visit Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon. We'll call it the Corner of The Bar Babes.

Benefits are the same as for the guys, except you can't go into the Champagne Room. We'll have to build you your own little clubhouse room where you can go to get away from the guys. That way you can smoke your cigars in peace, scratch your ass without anyone seeing you do it, play poker with the girls, and cuss like a sailor if you wanna. But no girlie stuff!

Members of Madfish Willie's Corner of The Bar Babes:

After all, we need to make sure the Corner of The Bar Gang makes it home safely!


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The Beer Store Caper

After we finished running Evil Glenn out of the joint, I knew we would have to drink several beers to calm down. Besides, Harvey and Blackfive knocked over all those drinks and beers chasing that commie outside. Damn, this is gonna cost me.

I walked the storage area to check the beer cooler. Shit, this won't last very long. Not with Blackfive drinking 6 beers at a time. We're gonna have to go get some more beer so's we don't run out. Frank J and Misha get so pissed off when we run out of stuff and we don't want to listen to any of their shit tonight.

I asked Susie: "Susie, will you watch the joint for me while we go down to the beer store to get some more stock?"

Susie: "OK, but hurry up and don't be chasing any floozies around and stopping at the titty bars while you're gone. And leave the hookers alone, too." she shouted.

"I promise." [I lied]

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