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As you may have noticed, I am constantly poking around in the code and messing my blog up! I like poking around... all kinds of places!

I think that the aesthetics of a blog are part of the appeal to readers. Now granted, mine is not the prettiest blog in the blogosphere I do try to add some neat coding and buttons and bells and whistles to make it a more inviting [and I hate this term] experience for my readers [bowfem].

As I go to other sites and see stuff I like, I try to find out how to do it for my site by looking at source code and then jacking around in my code. That works well enough with Blog*Spot, but not too good with MT. So, I am usually relegated to begging asking the blogger for help and advice.

One of the site's I think has a great visual appeal, as well as content, is As I See It.. or www [dot] margilowry [dot] com. She has a really cool set up. Comments that expand inside the entry body. Expanding and collapsing extended entries. Cool graphics and backgrounds. Hover links using the overline and underline tags. Non-standard separators between the stuff and the thingys on the posted by line. I've asked her on more than one occasion how she did this or did that and she jumps right on it and gives me back a really nice e-mail explaining how or where. She's just the best!

Anyway, I thought it would be appropriate to give her some public kudos for all her help and assistance. At least my stuff can look nice, even if it is just a big ol' pile of crap!


Now, everybody run over to her site and let's give her a Willie-Lanche [or just drop off a six-pack or bottle of tequila]!

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you guys this, but Margi is one fine looking lady!

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A Willie-Lanche? Involving beer and/or tequila?

You DO know that's how I got my second child, right? Aheh.

You are far too kind, m'dear. I'm sure Dean isn't too happy with me since I've STILL not compiled a installation cheat-sheet for him. Eeek.

Thank you, hon. I'm all blushy ovah heah.

Posted by: margi on November 6, 2003 11:42 PM

I just stopped by margi's for a quick look. Really like that linkie time-wasters post. Margi runs a classy joint.

Unlike Willie's, although it makes up for in fun what it lacks in class :-)

Posted by: Harvey on November 7, 2003 10:30 AM

Barkeep, not to be off-topic or anything, but can we expect a CotBG and CotBB blogroll on the sidebar anytime soon?. It'd make it easier for me to make up bullshit stories about your low-rent booze-house if I could keep the characters straight.

Then again, a little sobriety on my part might be helpful, too. *hic*

Posted by: Harvey on November 7, 2003 09:53 PM

Harvey: If you click the link at the top of the page that says Corner of the Bar Gang or the link that says Corner of the Bar Babes they will take to the original post and it lists everyone. I'm still waiting for my old posts to be imported over here so I can re-link everything and categorize it here. That way you could follow the whole CoBB / CoBG saga from the category archives.

Posted by: The Bartender on November 7, 2003 11:39 PM

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