The Corner of the Bar Babes

It's been brought to my attention that there are no girls in the Corner of The Bar Gang!

So, I aksed Harvey and Blackfive: "What about letting girls in the gang?"

Harvey: "Guys don't have girls in their gang!"

Blackfive: "Yeah, what the hell's the matter with you anyway?"

Well, that is a private club after all. So, let's start a private club for the babes that regularly visit Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon. We'll call it the Corner of The Bar Babes.

Benefits are the same as for the guys, except you can't go into the Champagne Room. We'll have to build you your own little clubhouse room where you can go to get away from the guys. That way you can smoke your cigars in peace, scratch your ass without anyone seeing you do it, play poker with the girls, and cuss like a sailor if you wanna. But no girlie stuff!

Members of Madfish Willie's Corner of The Bar Babes:

After all, we need to make sure the Corner of The Bar Gang makes it home safely!


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