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The Alliance entry into this week's New Blog Showcase is:

Hypocrisy and Hypotheses: Same Thing Every Year....

I've actually read the post. It is a humorous piece that would have made the cut for a link via Moe Syzslak Says:

Also a nice site design - neat tiled background graphic, understated elegance, nice color scheme.

I think a site has to have a good visual element to it in as well as amusing, informative, or educational content for it to be worth going back to repeatedly. Some site are just too jumbled and crammed together and have too much graphical crap that makes them eyesores and not inviting. Anyway...

Alex also has a live comment preview feature that is really cool - I'm gonna have to get one like that when I grow up!

Go over read the link and peruse the rest of the site!

I also liked She Who Will Be Obeyed: Life, the Universe, and Everything.... She is exactly right on this particular issue.


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