The Corner of the Bar Babes

Well, crap... I guess I really messed up. I left a name off of the Corner of The Bar Babes list. I knew I was gonna leave someone off, and then get into a world of shit for being so stupid.

So, Two-Dragons of Who Tends The Fires, Imperial Tender of the Fires, Keeper of Useless Trivia, Glorious Lady of the Rott and now, Corner of The Bar Babe, please accept my most humble apologies for my oversight.

Now that the kissing of the ass is completed, Two-Dragons may help us design a logo for Madfish Willie's. I understand she is a very talented artist; we look forward to finalizing what we are looking for so she can help us out with a beautiful, hand-drawn logo, with pretty colors and everything.
[No pressure to perform there.]


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