Designing Ideas!

Color codes... what are they... where do I find them... how do I use them... what about fonts...

Thse are some questions we ask when starting on a design for our site. I have compiled some links to answer these questions and presented them by groups in the extended entry.

Design gurus will tell you that content is king and design presentation should not detract from the actual content of your post. I am not presenting this information to discuss the theories of content and presentation. I am presenting it as a set of tools for you to use and decide for yourself how you want to present your content to your corner of the the world.

I tend to favor a more bold approach to using color in my designs, whereas other designers prefer a more subtle approach. I've tried to give you enough information and reference sources so you would be able to make your own decisions and present your content how you want it to look for your readers. After all... it's your site... do what YOU want to do.

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Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon

Well, now I've went and done it....

I've noticed my blog has been loading really slooooooow, here since lately. So after I finished Eric's new design today, I did some more housekeeping over here.

I determined several things were making my site load slow. Here's what I did:

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HammerHead Blog Design

HammerHead Blog Designs is proud to announce the birth of a new baby boy!

Eric, the Straight White Guy now has a brand new custom designed look! Go over and check it out and buy Eric a cigar... or a grilling Apron!

Pamibe over at Drowning at 2 Feet Sea Level did all the banners and graphics and buttons for the site [more than once, I might add]. I just can't describe how well she responds to what the site owner wants and comes out with something unique for each individual project. Just a marvelous talent as far as I'm concerned.

Madfish Willie had to pull out the big hammer and do some serious beating about Eric's head and shoulders for extended periods of time. Just kidding... actually it was probably the other way around, although we did run into some unique design challenges to make the site operational for his readers viewing exclusively with 800x600 resolution.

Eric decided it was time for a change and decided he wanted a three column design. So we did the three layout and put it up on his main site. Needless to say, there was much knashing of teeth and raising of hell! So, we decided to take the site down, put up his old site and direct everyone over the HammerHead design studio at MadLab. Eric did a post directing his readers to come by the site and leave comments on what they were seeing with what browser at what resolution. We left it up there for a couple of days and worked out each problem as it came up.

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HammerHead Blog Designs

HammerHead Blog Designs has just completed a new custom, 3-column, blog design for Linda at Civilization Calls. I did a complete custom job including the main page, comment listing template, comment preview template, trackback template, individual entry archives, category archives and monthly archives. I also added some scripts for better functionality. Go by and take a look when you have some time.

HammerHead Blog Designs also just did a little stylesheet tweak over at Susie's Practical Penumbra because we love her so much.

The next project is for Eric at Straight White Guy. It is in the HammerHead testing facility, better known as the MadLab! It's in the beta testing stage right now. Go over there and wonder through the site... it's not very long, only four or five test posts. Leave comments on what you find in the way of bugs and formatting errors. Don't forget to tell me what your browser is and what resolution your are viewing in.

After that project is complete, HammerHead Blog Designs will be working on putting skins on the site over at MuNuviana for our group blog. that should prove to be an interesting project, for me anyway.

When you have time, go check out the other designs HammerHead Blog Designs has completed. They are all listed and linked in the sidebar. Let me know what you find that needs corrected. Sometimes by the end of the project I get kind of weirded out and miss stuff that I should have caught. That's why I'm leaving Eric's site up at MadLab for a couple of days... to find the little stuff while I still have access to all the files.

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Moe's Toast..."Here's to the model

Moe's Toast..."Here's to the model husband,
Usually somebody elses."
Bart's Call to Moe[Bart]
Bea O'Problem! Bea O'Problem! Come on, guys, do I have a Bea O'Problem here?
Barney says "You sure do!"'s you, isn't it?
Listen, you. When I get a hold of you, I'm going to use your head for a bucket and paint my house with your brains!
Bart laughs
Today's Drinking Story Caller 6 - You're On The Air
Yogism"We made too many wrong mistakes."
Things A Man Should Know: About Women:Love does not mean never having to say you're sorry. It means having to say you're sorry over and over again, in new and different ways, every day, every week, every month, even when you don't want to, every year, until God grants you his mercy and you finally, blissfully die.

ClueBat InsultsThou craven, toad-spotted maggot-pie!
Movie MadnessToad Turmoil
Dumb-Ass FarmYard Animal JokesWhat do you call a pig thief ?
What do you get if you cross pigs with a lot of grapes ?
What do you get if you cross a cow with a camel ?
What is the definition of a goose ?
What is the opposite of cock-a doodle-doo ?
What's the best way to keep milk from turning sour ?
Why was the lamb told off for being rude ?
What goes 'peck,bang,peck,bang,peck,bang' ?
What do you get if you cross a pile of mud with a pig ?
How do you take a pig to hospital ?

Answers in the Comments
Today's Foreign Language Party Cookie is Tagalog / Phillipines (click thru for the really good stuff) Wala kang puwet: you are buttless
gago: stupid
tanga: dumbass
inutil: worthless moron
chupa: blowjob

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