Usenet Performance Art

Form the files of W E B C E N T E R ...

Sig Files: July Ford-McKenna - 1000 LINES! Longer than Kibo!


Attention flonkers, nosers, altflamers, aunties, sig.bunnies,
dolphin-fishers, disneyites, frogs, kooks and other netizens

TIRED of reading fuckhead cascades?
FED UP TO THE BACK TEETH with "me too!!!"
BORED with downloading hundreds of HFW lames?
SICK of reading dozens of permutations of the "bitch" flame?
IF YOU SEE ONE MORE BLOODY "yer sig's too long" you'll KILL YOURSELF?

***THIS SPIFFY .SIG!! (tm) will revolutionize USENET!!!***

Killfile everyone but me. That's July Ford-McKenna. That's it -
*plonk* the lot of 'em. *PLONK* *PLONK* *PLONK*

Then read my .sig once a week.

THE SPIFFY .SIG!!(tm) There is NO substitute.


by Madfish Willie on April 14 :: Permalink :: Comments (1) :: MEOW!


"Ich habe einen riesig Eisenpenis.
I have an immense iron penis."

I need to bookmark that for a detailed reading later.

Posted by: Harvey on April 15, 2004 09:30 AM
Let's hear your bullshit

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