Super Slam

One sunny day, Superman was flying around Metropolis looking for something to do. He spotted Spiderman and flew down to him. "Hey Spiderman, what are you doing today?" Spiderman replied that he had a broken webslinger so he couldn't do anything.

Superman continued flying around Metropolis and spotted Batman. Batman told Superman he couldn't do anything because he needed to fix the Batmobile.

Superman began flying around yet again and saw Wonder Woman lying on her back, naked on top of a Metropolis building. Superman thought to himself that if he was faster than a speeding train, he could fly down and screw Wonder Woman before she ever knew what happened. So Superman flew down, screwed her faster than a speeding bullet and flew away.

Wonder Woman then said, "Hey, what just happened?" The Invisible Man rolled over and replied, "I don't know but my ass is killing me!"

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Check it out, Bartender, looks like there IS someone out there who finishes fucking faster than you :-P

Posted by: Harvey on September 13, 2004 08:59 AM

I wouldn't be talking, Herbey... you're the shortest hitter I know... hehe... three strokes and your out... that is, if you didn't already cum all over the inside of her leg....

Posted by: Madfish Willie on September 13, 2004 09:24 AM