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Harv E Roo: What do you call someone with an elephant on their head ?
Kang A Roo: Squashed !

Harv E Roo: How to elephants talk to each other ?
Kang A Roo: By 'elephone !

Harv E Roo: What did the zoo keeper say when he saw four elephants walking over the hill towards him wearing sunglasses ?
Kang A Roo: Nothing, he didn't recognize them !

Harv E Roo: When do elephants have 8 feet ?
Kang A Roo: When there are two of them !

Harv E Roo: What do you give an elephant with big feet ?
Kang A Roo: Plenty of room !

Harv E Roo: Why did the elephant walk on two feet ?
Kang A Roo: To give the ants a chance !

Harv E Roo: Why do elephants have trunks ?
Kang A Roo: Because they've no pockets to put things in !

Harv E Roo: What animals were last to leave the ark ?
Kang A Roo: The elephants as they had to pack their trunks !

Harv E Roo: What would happen if an elephant sat in front of you at the movies ?
Kang A Roo: You would miss most of the film !

Harv E Roo: A man was sprinkling some white powder on his lawn.
Kang A Roo: "Why are you doing that ?" asked his neighbour.
Harv E Roo: "It's to keep the elephants off the grass", he replied.
Kang A Roo: "But we don't get elephants round here!"
Harv E Roo: "I know - good stuff isn't it !"

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Using coke to keep elephants from doing grass is like voting Communist to keep the Democrats out of power

Posted by: Harvey on May 28, 2004 08:45 AM