Dumb Ass Jokes

You how you go into a bar before the crowd gets there, and your sittin up at the bar, pullin your pud with no one to talk to? So, you ask the bartender if he knows any good jokes.

Well, me and my buddy GoatHead used to tell these absolutely, positively, horrible one-liner jokes. They were soooo bad that no one ever laughed at the jokes, they were always laughing at us laughing at how stupid the jokes were. I'm cracking myself up just thinking about it! [sittin here, laughing my ass off...] I mean, you should have seen people's faces - they were like "What the fuck?" This would go on and on until they either couldn't stand to hear another joke, or we couldn't stand up to tell another one. Then, we just waited for the next sucker to pull up a barstool and ask for funnies.

Funny to me.

Here is this week's edition of really Dumbass Bar Jokes™. Enjoy!

Q What did the soap give to his fiancé?
A A bathtub ring

Q What do you call soap on a trapeze?
A Soap on a rope

Q Why did the comedian bring soap to his show?
A He was trying to clean up his act

Q Why did the burglar have soap in his pocket?
A He wanted to make a clean getaway

Now, I can't give you all the pretzels at one time, ya know. Tune in next week - Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!


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Posted by: john on October 22, 2004 01:42 PM