New Blog Showcase

As part of my duties as a member of The Blogger Alliance, I must vote in the New Blog Showcase each week. Maybe I can get in the contest here pretty soon. I just need to get a couple of really far out, cool, spiffy... posts.

I'm voting for Tom's Nap Room post "Eliminate all Turnpikes"

He talks about the confiscatory prices gas stations, fast food, novelty stores, etc charge on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I know what he means. I used to fly in and out of DFW airport all the time and it was the same thing at the gas station right before the toll booths. They just beat you up because they have a captive audience. I know that overhead is higher because of the lease rates, but product and labor related costs are the same as they are for all the rest of the chain stores. So what makes them think they can get away with bending you over the barrell? Jerks!! I'm gonna take my toys and go somewhere else.

Sshh.. Makes me so mad, I'm thirsty. Gotta go get a cold one to settle down!


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