How do dogs remember where the hell they have buried all the shit they bury? Some type of doggie-radar? YellowDog can find shit she has buried months ago - tennis balls, etc - when the one she was playing with got bounced over the fence or rolls under the frig. Fucking weird.

Speaking of dogs... Go check out Two Nervous Dogs. I like her writing style and subject matter. And her pictures of her chocolate dog. Plus, I don't know if she knows this, she is a Corner of The Bar Babe!

Flashback... Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel... The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle... I hated Sesame Street... Never watched Mr Rogers... Popeye - now that guy was always kicking some ass... Bugs Bunny - did anyone ever fuck him up, EVER?...

I was born in the wrong cenutry. I would have loved living in the "old west", except maybe for all them wild fucking Indians trying to scalp you all the damn time. Other than that, if someone was giving you a bunch of shit or they fucked you over, it was a lot easier to settle the arguement. You blew their head off or they blew your head off. Case closed!

Flashback... Maverick (James Garner)... Rawhide (Duh! Clint Eastwood)... Gunsmoke (longest running series in TV history)... Have Gun Will Travel (that guy was cool in his black outfit, plus he always kicked some dickhead's ass)... The Big Valley (a young and beautiful Linda Evans), there are some more but I can't remember the names of them right now. All in black & white too. ...Alias Smith & Jones

Why aren't there any Westerns on today? (I wonder how long the above mentioned series would last today?) Just cops, medical examiners/crime scene dudes, lawyers, doctors, perverts, and weirdos, freaks and exhibitionists (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)! Same old shit, night after night, year after year. What a bunch of crap. When something finally does come out with a little intelligence, acting and production values, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Then, they take it and spin off different flavors of the same "brand" and the other networks go into copycat mode. Law & Order has done a good job of changing the three shows up a little (with a fourth spin off next season), but CSI is the same fucking show in two different cities, with a third city (New York City) being added next season. I must confess though, I like to watch both CSI series and all three Law & Order series. Come to think of it, Law & Order - TOS, had completely changed out characters/cast two or three times and it still kicks ass. A fine job of writing and acting by all involved, to be sure.

One question though... Aren't all these shows teaching the criminals a little too much? If you have a criminal mind, these shows tell you everything about how not to plan/plot and what not to leave behind at the crime scene.

Flashback... Welcome Back, Kotter... Barney Miller... Love American Style... The Carol Burnett Show... Petticoat Junction... Laugh-In had a 50 Share when it was playing back in the day. All Big Three Networks today don't add up to a 50 share.

The first movie I remember watching was King Kong. Big giant goriila climbing up that silly building. At least he was going after the beautiful babe - Fay Wray. Wow! I was 5 years old.

The first baseball game I ever watched on TV was in the 1968 World Series between the St Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers. It was the game where Bob Gibson struck a series record 18 batters. The guy was the best clutch pitcher in history. He'd knock someone on their ass - not like all the pussies playing today that get their feelings hurt if someone pitches inside. If you rushed the mound, he'd knock you on your ass out there too! That was back when all the games were played during the day... everyone would be listening to the radio at school to check the scores and relay information between classes. WOW!

1968 - Bob Gibsons 1.12 ERA (3rd best since 1900, best since 1914), Denny McClain's 31 wins (tied for 12th best since 1900)... what a great year for pitchers! And the end of and era... the following year they lowered the pitching mound to take away part of the pitchers' advantage.

The very first football game I ever remember watching was the Ice Bowl. Goddamn it was cold that day... we couldn't go outside to play it was so cold... so we had to stay inside and amuse ourselves... I remember the game being on, but not really paying too much attention to it... can't really remember what the fuck I was doing instead... just remember the game being on.

Greatest Hitters Ever will continue tomorrow...
Usenet Performance Art will continue next week also...
How about some Dumb-Ass Jokes, too?

That's all the crap on my mind for now.

Let me share this parting flame:

Get it straight, moron, alt.flame isn't where you come for reassurance. You will be told straight, and honestly that you are a slobbering idiot who should steer clear of social interaction if he wishes to avoid having his head flushed down the toilet.

Thus spaketh the Voice of Experience.

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YellowDog's a cutie! And look at those clean teeth!! :)

Posted by: pam on March 29, 2004 08:14 AM

She looks kinda freaky with those different colored glowing eys! Scarey, scarey...

I only feed her dry dog food, no soft goody crap except for leftovers mixed into the dry stuff. I've found this keeps the chompers good and clean.

Posted by: Madfish Willie on March 29, 2004 08:54 AM

Good Point. Anyways, this was where i met her. You can join for free as well

Posted by: click here on March 12, 2005 03:21 AM