Tales From The Champagne Room

It's Sunday and time for another Madfish Willie's edition of Tales From The Champagne Room!

[Remember: There is no sex in The Champagne Room]

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The title for my series is from an HBO special with Chris Rock. Check it out!

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As you are Wrestling Your John Thomas:

The Bloggers that e-mailed their Tales From The Champagne Room links to me get posted "above the fold" with gratuitous linkage in their post description. The others that I gleaned from my browsing this week will be in the extended section. So, without further dealy....

Today we start off with that smuttiest of all not X rated blogs, Harvey Pervey from Bad Money. Pervey starts off with a little kiss & tell about Susie's tired jaw, then he tries to fix Susie's Reddi-Wip shortage. Next The Perv tells us of Evil Glenn's adventures in beastiality. That dumbshit Harv Perv can't tell the difference between a web
browser & a blowjob

Next Dan K O'Leary of Pragmatic Conservatism gives us 50 Ways to Dump Your Lover. He says: "This is a little vulgar, but asking for a midget 3
way, or taking polaroids of you banging her sister are great ways be get single." Make sure to read the comments of his fucking cry-baby PC readers... unbelievable. And check out his hot babe!

"Better safe than sorry," Harvey Pervey always says. Here's some of his raunchy crap: Here's a riddle for you - what's the difference between a government lawyer and a whore? I discovered a new sexual position. The nastiness of Glenn Reynolds's bedroom. Poetry for Heather's ass - now that's poetry even I would read! Lesbian yoga (what the hell would he know about that?) and where did Trixie, the Times Square Wonder-Hooker get her training?

That's all for the mail in entries this week. The rest of the work I did and you'll have to click through to the expanded extry to read them.

Lisa from Just A Girl In The World talks about having breast REDUCTION surgery! No, not that! Go look at the hammers on that babe! Here at Madfish Willie's, we entertain absolutely NO DICSUSSION on reduction surgery. NONE!

Then, she has the gall to refer her Penis Enlargement comment spammers to Madfish Willie? My penis will fit perfectly between her Large American Breasts and will need no extension or enlargement at that time, although she will be in need of some spoo goggles!

Then, she talks about Geoffrey's Package! What a slut! I think I love her.

Trey Givens from Trey tells us about a Ho who had twins conceived on the same night by different men?

Eric at Straight White Guy has a fourplex for us: Beer Wench, Kissing Schoolgirls, the Great Ohio Transvestite Chase, and Time To Get Dirty. I have concluded that Eric is just a jack-off idiot!

Speaking of jack-off idiots... Darren at Colorado Conservative has a post about some fuckhead who called the same girl 827 times in one month!

What is Susie doing in Evil Glenn's bedroom anyway?

Gennie has an Orgasm. shit... I don't read her nearly enough... I'll have to start making this a regular stop, but only if I don't have to Bend Over And Take It Like A Man.

Key from Key Issues has Lust Quotient. It's about blowjobs!

GEBIV at There's One, Only gives new meaning to the term Hot Flash.

Tuning Spork at Blather Review wonders if Life Is But a Dream? That bitch!

Susie Q at Practical Penumbra has a thing for Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer

Natalie at Pickle Juice says you will be caught in flagrante delicto and tells us about The Camel Toe Song.

Bible Sex Stories: David and Jonathan Undress

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