Around the Bar...

Harvey has another greenback for the Ultimate Tip Jar. I wonder when he's gonna get me one of these?

Harvey also has a nice post Why Willie's? of his impressions of my site. Thank you again for all your help the past several weeks!

Jennifer votes for one of my posts in the New Blog Showcase. That means I get at least one vote - maybe we can somehow count her vote as two... or five.

Ramblings of SilverBlue has one damn fine hunting dog. He also e-mailed a really cool drink recipe yesterday. Hmmm... That gives me an idea!

They at Anger Management have been reading the dirty magazines again. They are also on a rant. Go see them to see Why? They sure are cranky.

Wichi Dude at Life Happens thinks Old Albums sound better than todays CDs. My mom has a big stack of 78rpm Vinyl and my aunt has my Great Aunt's collection of the old metal perforated disks and the machine that plays them. I wish I could get my hands on that!

Blackfive is throwing an It's a Blogiversary! party. Plus he finally got around to blogrolling me - a High Five for Black Five!

Helen at Everyday Stranger is my kind of gal! She has a two part Drunk Chick Talk post. Just don't try to take advantage of her while she's drunk! This babe really has an entertaining writing style.

Master Yoder at the Accidental Jedi has a corny joke - the kind we like here.

LeeAnn at The Cheese Stands Alone has a cooking tip for us. While your there, check out the URL - I love it!

Lastly today, I want to thank all of you who have blogrolled me to date: