The Ultimate Cocktail Recipe

What is your favorite cocktail recipe?

I have been posting The Ultimate Recipes here this week and will continue to post them for the next couple of weeks for both food & beverages.

Venomous Kate sent me an improvement on a variation one of my Ultimate Martini recipes, the Dirty Martini. I decided to rename that particular variation of the drink after her - The Venomous Martini!

Then, SilverBlue sent me a really cool recipe of his favorite drink. It had a neat name and concept too, but somehow we'll have to name it the SilverBlue Cocktail.

So, I wanted to have a contest and here it is.

The Ultimate Blogger Cocktail Recipe Contest:

  • Contest is open to anyone (prefer you to have a blog - but will consider all entries).

  • You may enter as many times as you wish.

  • Send me your favorite cocktail recipe (either in comments or e-mail me)

  • Give it a name relating to your blog.

  • All recipes posted on Friday, October 24.

  • Style points for recipe originality.

  • Style points for drink title originality.

  • I will determine top 10 recipes.

  • My decision for top 10 is final.

  • I will post a Poll Host poll at the top of my blog for 1 week.

  • Vote 1x per day till Thursday, October 30.

  • Winner is entry with most votes posted on Poll Host by blog readers.

  • Winner announced on Friday, October 31.

Winner will recieve a 1 liter bottle of your preferred liquor (within reason - don't be an asshole!).

I'll keep these instructions at the top of the page throughout the contest. Good Luck!


Update: Check the links under The Ultimate Blogger Recipes for all submissions to-date.

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