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Harvey waxes philosphical before Tipping Out on his tab.

Speaking of the Tip Jar, Harvey was working feverishly on blog maintenance yesterday (actually his Lovely Wife was on a short trip) and he consolidated all his Funny Money posts. So, I was counting up all my tips for the night and figured it will take months before I can pay the rent if it keep going like this:

06.2003: $ 18.00
07.2003: $119.00
08.2003: $ 38.00
09.2003: $ 51.28
10.2003: $ 25.00

Eric at Straight White Guy has discovered A Simple Truth About Blogging: Friends don't let friends blog drunk. I think it involoves some drinking... imagine that! You will have to scroll down the page to get to the post until I can help him fix his permalinks. Actually, I think he has a pretty interesting site - a little different, some poetry (not too fluffy), some observations, some goofy stuff. Plus he entered a recipe in The Ultimate Bloggers Recipe Contest.

"How do deer know to cross at the 'Deer Crossing' signs?" you ask. How the hell would I know - go Ask Jen.

Things a man should know: About Women:

While yes sometimes means no, no always means no, as does her ordering the garlicky pesto sauce, twirling her hair around her finger while gazing absently into space, and getting up from the table to go to the ladies' room and never returning.
I found that right underneath a photo essay and article of Britney Spears. She may be famous for being famous, but you have to admit... she's an animal!. Anyway, I found the whole thing kind of ironic... or is that moronic?

Dude, Whereâ€(tm)s My Hairy Monkey Ass? From On The Fritz via SilverBlue.

Bloviating Inanities is a FREAK!

Here is a recipe I found somewhere yesterday. Whatever you do, don't smell it!
Gorilla Fart:
Wild Turkey 101
Bacardi 151

I made The Cast over at SilverBlue, hey everyone needs their own bartender! Now, you may be asking yourself, "Self, What the hell is a SilverBlue?" Well, a SilverBlue is many things to many people, but above all, he is loyal - an admirable personal quality in this day and age. Go bullshit with him for a while. I wonder what his real name is? Just.Silver.Blue?

The Bartender says: Go Vote in my polls in the sidebar!


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