Tales From The Champagne Room

Remember: There is no sex in The Champagne Room!

I don't care if this link gets worn out - I love having an On-line Orgasm!

Don't go drinking with Donnie, from Ain't Done It's, friend Charlie, he'll get you all fucked up!

Russ at Tac Jammer thinks Karaoke is like nudity?

final thoughts are that Sex Is Bad?

Bejus from Ain't Done It learnt 7 thangs from neekid movies.

The Lovely Helen from Everyday Stranger would like some breasts to go please!

Helen also needs some feedback on how to shape her minge!

Finn, the Viking from Casting Magic Missile got me all dressed and then gave me nowhere to go. Dickhead!

Acidman from Gut Rumbles discusses the difference between the p0rn industry and playing in a band.

Mamamontezz from the Mental Rumpus Room is giving schoolboys Viagra? Like those horny little bastards need any.

James at Outside the Beltway has pics of your favorite blogger babes!

Jfielek at Quibbles-n-Bits is a Love Retard!

friend PoloRandy discovers how condoms are really made.

Eric at Straight White Guy has a list of pick-up lines. I wonder how many times he got the shit slapped out of him?

Sugarcoated at Sugarmama's reveals a sexual revolution of sorts.

MCSE at The Kingdom of the Geeks father is an exotic dancer in a homosexual cabaret. Not really, but go read anyway.

Eric at Straight White Guy has an echo in Snow White's Fairy Tale.

Read My Boobs - a short movie.

LeAnn at the Cheese Stands Alone has a Pubic Service Announcement.

Margi at www[dot]margilowry[dot]com tell us Where Things Went Terribly Wrong (scroll down the page).

Harvey at Bad Money nominates Susie, a Corner of the Bar Babe for Pet of The Month. I'm pretty sure that he's stepping on his dick here.

Geoffrey at Dog Snot Diaries says Ass Jockey?

Acidman strikes again with dont Bite Me!

Acidman also tells us all about chicken sex.

Jennifer from Jennifer's History & Things should probably have skipped this one.

has Cheesy Joke #875. Anyone need a baseball glove and bat?

And to wrap it up, Acidman presents "Dr Acidman's Sex Clinic".

That'll be all that kind of talk for this week!


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