Finn the Viking

Linda from Civilization Calls, one of The Corner of the Bar Babe's, Husband, hereinafter referred to as Finn, the Viking, has a new blog called:

Casting Magic Missile at the darkness
Or sometimes throwing fireballs
from behind the frontline troops
I think we need to invite Finn, the Viking to be a part of the Corner of The Bar Gang! With a name like that, he can't miss. Plus, he can help us watch over the Corner of The Bar Babes. I forsee many an exciting adventure where Finn, the Viking kicks some major ass!

I have found the perfect theme video for Finn, the Viking called Viking Kittens with songtrack by Led Zepplin. Don't let the name fool you. Just because they're kittens, doesn't mean these aren't some Bad-Ass Kittens!

Thios is what Linda tells us about him:

Gamer, Mac initiated, writer, poet, philosopher, impish wag, descendent of Vikings, and so much more... Stop by and say "howdy" to "Galstaff" when you get a chance.
So, go over and check him out, and convice him to join with The Alliance against Evil Glenn, the Puppy Blender.


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