Tales From The Champagne Room

It's Sunday and time for another Madfish Willie's edition of Tales From The Champagne Room!

[Remember: There is no sex in The Champagne Room]

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The title for my series is from an HBO special with Chris Rock. Check it out!

Madfish Willie's, the #1 Yahoo search for The Champagne Room!

As we are Booting up the dick fish into the gene pool:

The Bloggers that e-mailed their Tales From The Champagne Room links to me get posted "above the fold" with gratuitous linkage in their post description. The others that I gleaned from my browsing this week will be in the extended section. So, without further dealy....

My friend Margi from As I See It.. tells us where to find our Nude Friends. While you are over there, check out Merpy Chriskwanzukkah - it's not nasty... just funny!

It looks like little Susie Q from Practical Penumbra has been hanging out with Harvey Pervey too long. Now she's sending me picture of guys out of the shower clad in only their underwear!

Harvey Pervey was late last week so he's madeup by sending in a whole shitload of linked innuendo and nastiness. I wonder if his site should have one of those rating thingys on it to warn the unsuspecting? Anyway, he starts off... looking for Susie... gargle the Holy Water, before Jessica sticks her ass in it... bony chicks are out, we want a full figured gal... love notes (aka pimping his wife)... whipping cream on Susie to cheer her up... hM's bra size... the breasts of Mt Rushmore... spank the monkey... dia-a-slut... kinky Alliance B&D... Harvey's Long Blogroll... Susie like's em young... obsessing over sex with Evil Glenn... Man, this guy needs to get some pussy pretty fast or he's going to blow up!

That's all for the mail in entries this week. The rest of the work I did and you'll have to click through to the expanded extry to read them.

Big Easy Motorcycle Madness

Bible Sex Stories: David and Jonathan Undressed

Rectal Foreign Bodies: a list of stuff people stick up their ass! Fucking Freaks!!1

Margi doesn't like one word comments... especially Tits!

DaGoddess has a surreal conversation with a short hitter.

Graumagus from Frizzen Sparks tells us about how a working girl strikes back!

Dana from Note-it Posts gives us Rules Men Wish Women Knew.

LeeAnn from The Cheese Stands Alone won't tell us what she named Mini-Me.

JaxVenus from Days Go By asks Got Cake?

SilverBlue makes his Christmas List.

Fran at I Don't Think tells us about An Adult Men's Magazine.

Lisa at Just a Girl talks about a Fucking Mouse!

Pam from Drowning at 2 Feet Sea Level makes little Sims have sex!

Anna at Primal Purge finds a blogger who wants a handjob from Meredith Baxter-Birney for Christmas.

Eric at Striaght White Guy discusses the topics: Fellatio reduces the rick of breast cancer... Serority Slut Barbies... Sex and the Hillbilly (that was a biographical dicsussion, by the way)... and Spanking the Monkey.

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