The Champagne Room

It's Sunday, so it must be time for another edition of The Champagne Room!

[Remember, there is no sex in The Champagne Room]

Amy from Aimless has a nasty joke about two cowboys and a choking woman. [drink alert]

Eric at Straight White Guy has a joke about a couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Mission Accomplished!

Eric needs a cold shower after reading one of Helen's posts! Shit, I need one after reading any of Helen's posts. She's one hot tamale!

Heather from angelweave is posing naked with 449 of her closest friends?

Eric from Straight White Guy has another old person dirty joke.

Venomous Kate thinks Buttercup should have just offered a blowjob and called it even - what do you think?

Herring? Mackeral? Bill from Bloviating Insanities can't decide.

Acidman at Gut Rumbles runs his own Champagne Room it seems like. Beer Goggles, Good Lays and Bad Lays, and a joke his son told him should do it for this week.

Mookie weighs in on female shaving and one of her commenters wants to know "Which spot?"

Ted at Rocket Jones is a Stonehenge Freak!

Check out the referrals page at Dead Mouse's Home. You talk about some weird searches.

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams discusses what women hate about men. I know a guy who probably does that - he's a real freak!

You know those magnets that have random words, so you make a little saying and post it on the fridge? Eric makes up pornographic stuff.

SilverBlue hates spam! But at least Charmin claims to increase your bust size?

And finally, some hot Halloween Babes here, here, here, and here.

Before I forget... That fucking scumbag Harvey at Bad Money has now got ME listed under the search for XXX Black Peeing Porn. That fucker... he's so toast!

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Thanks for the kudos.

One of these days, I am so having sex in the Champagne Room. You need someone to initiate it, I think. It should, of course, be me.

Posted by: Helen on November 9, 2003 12:48 AM

Helen - just as long as it doesn't smell like mackeral when you're done, I won't tell. And use a coaster so you don't leave any rings on the nice wood furniture.

Bartender - Fuck You. I don't know what you're so upset about. You're the guy who's *selling* me all the XXX black peeing porn.

By the way, someone named "I'm not Glenn" called me and asked if I knew where to find some "hot walrus on walrus action". I gave him your number.

Posted by: Harvey on November 9, 2003 08:45 AM

i've been online for like an hour trying to find out what a hoya really is. if you could

email me back and pretty please tell me what a hoya is, that would be wonderful. thanks!

Posted by: Bali on January 8, 2004 12:45 AM
Let's hear your bullshit

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