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December 29, 2003

Straight White Guy Design

I've done all I am going to do on this site for today.

After dinner, I'll start on the design for Eric at Straight White Guy. I'll do the layouts and margins and stuff like that first, then we can work on the colors and insert the graphics. If you can give me some color codes then we will be set to go on that end.

I guess I need to get with Eric and find out what doodads and widgets and thingys he wants me to install. I'll send him over to the MadLab to watch the progress and comment as he sees something happening. So I guess that I'll be over there the rest of the night other than when I do my regular posting.

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by Madfish Willie on Dec 29, 2003 :: Permalink :: Comments(1) :: Design Thoughts

Prelim logo design for SWG


These are the bottles Eric was referring to in the email I forwarded.
Haven't worked in the jam session, mountains or usmc yet... Eric will be peeking out from the rim... ;)

I was thinking... If this -or the finished version - were set in the style sheet as the background image, then it wouldn't be the header... Maybe it could be static... Just thinking...

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by on Dec 29, 2003 :: Permalink :: Comments(4) :: Graphics Thoughts

HammerHead Post BG

I've been corresponding with Eric about his graphics, so we've got that moving forward. :)

What about a banner for HammerHead? Or do you want to stay with text?

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by on Dec 29, 2003 :: Permalink :: Comments(2) :: Graphics Thoughts

Blog Design

Here's what I'm thinking for design on this site:

3 column layout...
Column [large] for posting on the far left...
Column [small] for graphics in the middle...
Column [small] for site listings and links on the far right...

We could display sample buttons/logos/etc in the graphics column... maybe do the same logos on a light background and a dark background... save the top positions in the graphics column for new project displays.

I'll have to do just some HTML pages for services, displaying screen shot of different sites, tables of graphics, banners/logos/buttons, etc

We'll have to install a script so people can't grab the images for sure. I'll start looking for that tomorrow. I think Serenity has one that disables right-clicking on her pages.

I put up the PayPal thingy at the top of the existing column, but it will move when the design process starts.

I put up a short design listing and testimonials same as Madfish Willie's... should the sidetitles be serious or have a sense of humor? I vote for funny myself, but I'm weird. Do you have a listing or anything of the different stuff you've done? We can upload all the images to this site and display them here for sampling etc.

I'm freaking out!!!!1 Waaaaaaah!!!!!

More designing thoughts

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by Madfish Willie on Dec 29, 2003 :: Permalink :: Comments(2) :: Design Thoughts
December 28, 2003


I tried many, many things with that one champagne glass background, and just couldn't make it work. So, I made both cotbb & cotbg logos similar .... Both are 128px wide and 105px high. If they aren't okay, let me know...

I like the water background. :)




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by on Dec 28, 2003 :: Permalink :: Comments(2) :: Graphics Thoughts

This is strange...

It's so familiar, but not the same... ;)

Anyway, I didn't know if it was okay to put these here, or what... Just some logos for you to think about... the shark on the banner would be larger, probably in the background...

The first is what you asked for... but I couldn't get it to look right because everything is dark(ish).





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