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January 01, 2004

HammerHead Logo

I have some ideas for HammerHead logo/banner thingys [yes, thingys is indeed a certified technical term in the blogosphere] and such.

First, I would like to do a rotating banner like we did at Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon. I have the script installed to run it as soon as we can come up with something.

My ideas naturally include that cool hammerhead shark in the posts. How about an image like the transparent gif at the top of the graphics column. Have that stretch across the body post and above the other two columns put in a scripty type font "blog designs for [top line] hammerheads [bottom line]. I like the color scheme and outline of the type in the current image. Could you add "Designs" under the HammerHead on the banner shark?

Another idea would be to have just the shark on one side and on the other HammerHead Designs [top line] blog designs for hammerheads [bottom line]

Maybe switch sides for another banner. If we do one with a colored background, it should stretch across the entire width of the columns?... and have a maroon or teal border?... maybe a whole school of sharks in different sizes and make it look like the smaller they are, the further away they are by making them lighter... [grabbing another bottle of champagne] Happy New Year!... wow, can you make them move around? That would be really neat - as long is it doesn't slow the page load too much.

I guess that we just need one up pretty soon just so we have something other than that ugly standard poop from MT.

Anyway... those were just some thoughts and ideas... that part of it is your gig and I'm sure that you'll come up with something really cool for us.


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December 29, 2003

Prelim logo design for SWG


These are the bottles Eric was referring to in the email I forwarded.
Haven't worked in the jam session, mountains or usmc yet... Eric will be peeking out from the rim... ;)

I was thinking... If this -or the finished version - were set in the style sheet as the background image, then it wouldn't be the header... Maybe it could be static... Just thinking...

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HammerHead Post BG

I've been corresponding with Eric about his graphics, so we've got that moving forward. :)

What about a banner for HammerHead? Or do you want to stay with text?

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December 28, 2003


I tried many, many things with that one champagne glass background, and just couldn't make it work. So, I made both cotbb & cotbg logos similar .... Both are 128px wide and 105px high. If they aren't okay, let me know...

I like the water background. :)




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This is strange...

It's so familiar, but not the same... ;)

Anyway, I didn't know if it was okay to put these here, or what... Just some logos for you to think about... the shark on the banner would be larger, probably in the background...

The first is what you asked for... but I couldn't get it to look right because everything is dark(ish).





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