Buyin' A Horse

A midget with a speech impediment wants to buy a horse. When he arrives at the stables, the owner asks if he'd like a male or female horse.

"A female howth," says the midget. So the owner takes him to the stable housing his mares, and shows him his prized mare.

"Nithe howth," the midget says. "Can I thee huh mouth?" So the owner picks the midget up, holds him at mouth level, and let's him check her teeth.

"Nithe... could I pleathe thee huh eyeth?" So the owner picks him up again, and let's him examine her eyes. "Vewy nithe," says the midget, nodding his approval.

They slowly walk around her, examining her, when the midget suddenly says, "I'd like to see huh twat."

The owner looks at him in disgust, and, enraged, grabs the midget, and shoves his head into her twat. "Is that close enough for you, you little pervert?!"

The midget shakes his head, and slowly, deliberately says, "Let me wephrathe... I'd like to thee her RUN."

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