Pipes and Cigars

A man saw President Clinton smoking a pipe and asked, "Hey Bill, I thought you were a cigar man."

President Clinton responded, "Cigars are for pussies!"

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Excerpt: The Bartender of Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon actually made me laugh today. Usually when I read his crap, I just groan and throw virtual pretzels at his big, stupid head. Too short to excerpt. Take 10 seconds & check it...
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Tracked: September 16, 2004 07:35 AM

Guck! Crap, i think i just swallowed my dip.

Posted by: Marty on September 15, 2004 02:17 PM

OK, I laughed. It was very gross and I laughed.

Posted by: Boudicca on September 15, 2004 02:48 PM


Damn Bartender, you actually made me laugh!

Posted by: Harvey on September 16, 2004 07:32 AM

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Posted by: Marty on September 16, 2004 09:25 AM

hah! brilliant! I'm relaying that one tonight.

Posted by: goldie on September 17, 2004 01:34 AM

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