Above and Beyond...

Above and Beyond Last Call
Awards for boozing beyond the call of duty


Prisoner of War Award

Motto: “Yamudderrfuckincopeyeainevendrunkyet.”

“These goddamn handcuffs are too tight,” are the watch-words of this gritty class of drunkard. For even the slyest of boozeheads are sometimes captured by the enemy and forced to endure the hardships of inedible box lunches, malodorous cellmates and mind-numbing counseling sessions common to detox centers and longer-term facilities. With even greater courage, he will call friends who can barely make rent and ask, “Dude, can you post bail?”

[This is presented to Mike the Marine.]

Next Time: Legion of the Worm

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I call bullshit! They have YET to throw ME in the brig!!

Posted by: Mike the Marine on January 12, 2004 05:01 PM