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As usual, Frank J has upped the ante for all humor bloggers. This time he has TWO posts on Aunold. Smear Tactics Gone Wild lists the Top 10 smears against Arnold. In My World: Total Recall 2. This Time It's Personal is Frank's take on the California recall election.

I know, I know, I know. I said No Politics on this site. But you just can't pass on Frank's hilarious satire on all things political. Now, let me rephrase that... No Political Discussions Here! (Except for Frank J)

Emperor Misha I from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has some competiting for Ruler of the World. It seems Caption Electro has designs of his own. Follow the linkage to this funny as hell site (I wish I could write like that myself). Be sure to read the comments on Misha's post for my Call To Arms for Misha's Minionsâ„¢ to overthrow this evil pretender to the throne.

Harvey from Bad Money has some dinero for The Bartender's Tip Jarâ„¢. Gracias, Senore.

Matt from Blackfive has The Blogger Drinking Game developed. You may remember that I made a suggestion to him (actually, he probably had already thought of it before) regarding drinking games for his theme last week. Oh well, at least I got a Drinky Linkâ„¢ out of the deal. It also gave me an idea to develope on my own and a subject and links for another post. Good Job, Matt. I raise my glass in a toast to the Blackfive!! Cheers!

Go check out the Monday Night Parrot at Modular Parrot. It's a wait, that's an owl. What sounds do a parrot make? (Bedsides Polly want a cracker...Asshole)


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