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I was finishing up some posts on Saturday night, so I decided to drop by The Loyal Citizen AIM Chatroom - Where the VRWC Conspires. The topics of conversations over are vast and varied. The topic somehow got turned to drinking, what people's favorite drinks, liquor, cocktails, etc. were. Someone brought up cocktails for Saudis! And away we went... Great hilarity and mass spewage ensued. By the end, everyone was ROFLTAO - couldn't type, couldn't spell, couldn't breath - laughing.too.hard.

Here are some of the drinks we determined the Saudi would drink:

  • Turbin Twister

  • Mecca Surprize

  • Baghdad Buzzsaw

  • Bloody Imam

  • Mad Mullah

  • Medina Sunrise

  • Fuzzy Goat Butt: Mad Dog 20/20, poured into Helen Thomas' navel

  • Saudi Sunrise: Camel Piss /w Sand

  • Sex With A Goat: Mountain Dew /w Prune Juice

  • One Eyed Cleric (Mullah Omar): Needs Recipe

Misha suggested we come up with a recipe for the One Eyed Cleric. So, how about this;
1 oz Everclear
1 oz Bacardi 151
1 oz Wild Turkey 101
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
If that doesn't make you walk around in a circle with one eye closed, a patch over your other eye and a towel on your head... nothing will!

The Bartender says: drop on by the chat room for The Anti-Idiotarian Cocktail Party some time - lots of fine folks with strong opinions - and not afraid to let you know what they are! Good Times...Great fun!!


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