I love Monte Python &

I love Monte Python & The Holy Grail! [Check out the link on the sidebar]

I had two assistant managers working for me one time that could quote entire scenes from the movie. After work, we would usually head over to my place and drink, smoke, watch a flick till we passed out. They were two funny sumbitches! Whatever happened to those guys? Tell 'em thay need to check in, dammit!

When I saw this Quizilla quiz, I just had to take it.


You are King Arthur of the Britons!
You like to hear yourself talk a lot, namely about
some damn grail. Those closest to you are just
there to serve you and bang your coconuts
together. For some reason Mystical beings come
to you and set you out on quests. If only more
people understood you, perhaps you'd get that
grail afterall.

What Monty Python Holy Grail Quest Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's GOOD to be The King!


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