Around the Bar...

Harvey's getting cheap on me. He brings his friend in, drinks all night, and then only leaves one dollar in the Tip Jar - Jerk! I'm gonna make him start paying for his drinks!

Harvey also has some Precision Guided Humor that is right on target.

I did a Google on Evil Glenn and hit the [I'm Feeling Lucky] button. This is what came up. Who'd a thunk it?

Serenity's Saturday Scruples: �At the local grocer, you see an elderly woman shoplift bacon. Do you tell the grocer?� The Bartender says: It's none of your damn business, but do the right thing - always do the right thing, whatever it is..

Kelly Is In Da House! at Venomous Kate's Hawaiian Paradise and they are drinking Venom & Blight Cocktails! She might also be trying these cocktails later today. That Kate is a woman after my own heart!

LeAnn from The Cheese Stands Alone says "Jake makes it a point to have several 'El Presidentes' whenever we dine at Chili's." It doesn't look to me like Jake was the last man standing at that party!

U.S. Air Force pilot Chuck Yeager is a bartender too? Jennifer gives us this tidbit from 56 Years Ago Today. She always has the coolest little bits of info - a walking trivia game!

Linkin Park Fan is a FREAK! He plays The Penis Game. [Scroll down about 2/3 for instructions]

A Google search for "drunken idiots" turned up this: Reason for Carla not to drink. Check out the guy below on the right (he looks like Blackfive after a night at Madfish Willie's!). Have you ever been that messed up? All he's missing is the lamp shade and we could stick him on The Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon's 'Wall of Shame'.


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