Evil Glenn's Tagline

The Alliance is trying to come up with a tagline for The Instapundit. Well, they're spinning their wheels 'cause I happen to know that he already has one.

That's right... The Instapundit already has a tagline and it's posted in plain site! [ed. All puns intended!]

He uses a technique mastered by the former Saturday Light Live cast member Kevin Nealon and his character Mr. Subliminal.

The only way for normal people to detect this subliminal message is to wear lectroid goggles from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eight Dimension.

I don't need these devices because I am not a weak-minded individual, plus I've been drinking heavily for several years. I have the unique ability and awesome responsibility to be the only person alive who has actually seen the tagline of Evil Glenn.

It's a plan so insideous, so EVIL, so ...

I have not the proper words to describe it... it's so... so... so... It's just too upsetting... for me to tell you right now. I'm gonna have to do some... Samurai Meditations that... Frank taught me before... I will be calm and... collected enough... to tell you what... Evil Glenn's... ultimate plan is.

[Visibly upset] I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Excuse me... [The Bartender turns and quickly strides away, to return later and reveal the evil intent of The Instapundit's plan]

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