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Above and Beyond Last Call
Awards for boozing beyond the call of duty


Abandoned Drink Rescue Commedation

Motto: “This drink belong to anybody?”

No cocktail or pint need ever fear being callously dumped into spill buckets while this intrepid inebriate is on hand. His ears endlessly tuned to the melting of ice in a neglected cocktail and the dying carbonation of a forgotten pitcher, he will swoop down like a chivalrous Valkyrie or creep up like a stealthy commando to rescue and deliver the orphan to its rightful home—his belly.

[This is presented to Finn the Viking, because he swoops down like a chivalrous Valkyrie]

Next Time: Beer Not Bread Award

Nominations for this award??

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Now, if only we can help him find the time to start blogging again...

Maybe more booze? Yeah, definitely more booze. :)

Posted by: Linda on January 8, 2004 05:36 PM
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