Above And Beyond...

Above and Beyond Last Call
Awards for boozing beyond the call of duty


Blackout Brigade Medal of Merit

Motto: “I won’t remember you.”

Long after lesser drunks have staggered off to bed, these valorous boozers shout: “Yes, I will have another double shot of tequila!” and gallantly lurch into the inky blackness of oblivion. Fully aware that memories and public respectability are for the timid, they will barely cringe under the whipcrack of the cruel, latter-day revelations of erstwhile friends, missing credit cards and the hateful glares of apparent strangers.

[Sounds just like Matty O'Blackfive after a long night at Madfish Willie's!]

Next Time: Beer Goggles of Gallantry

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*hic* Damn, right, Michael! *hiccup* I have lost my glasses, jackets, wallet, and dignity quite a few times. *hic*

Posted by: Blackfive on January 3, 2004 10:20 PM
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