Friday Happy Hour

Madfish's Random Wisdom ...
It's hard to be nostalgic if you can't remember anything.

Quotes from Homer [D'oh!]
"I am so smart, I am so smart, s-m-r-t....I mean s-m-A-r-t."

Quotes on Drinking:
"The whole world is about three drinks behind." ~Humphrey Bogart~

Things A Man Should Know: About Drinking:
Unless you are lounging on the Promenade Deck, do not drink from a fruit.

Ultimate Insults
You are one huge, corrupt, incestuous orgy of mutual masturbatory orgies.

Movie Madness
Angry Spam

Madfish Willie's Daily Cuss Words :
dickwad Blackfive
dickweed Harvey
dicwad Pylorns
dik Frnak
dike Frnak
dildo Helen
doggystyle Vixie
douchebag Tom
dumbass Eric
fag Trey


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I usually don't get the chance to watch the movies, because I normally hit this place when I'm at work, and my computer there has neither sound nor Flash.

But this one is priceless. I can SOOOOO relate.

Posted by: Harvey on December 26, 2003 07:19 AM
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