Tales From The Champagne Room

It's Sunday and time for another Madfish Willie's edition of Tales From The Champagne Room!

[Remember: There is no sex in The Champagne Room]

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I found it!: I got the title for my series from an HBO special with Chris Rock. Check it out!

As we are Shaking coconuts from the knob:

The Bloggers that e-mailed their Tales From The Champagne Room links to me. They get posted "above the fold" with gratuitous linkage in their post description. The others that I gleaned from my browsing this week will be in the extended section.

Sir John the Merciless of Castle Argghhh!!!'s hawk gets chased off by the cocks when he swoops in to make a killing on the chicks!

Mad Dog Bad Money Harvey just was in the gutter all week long! First it was Heather Puts Out. Then he discovers that his perverted mind has been confirmed. Next, he tries to get Susie oiled up at the Bonfire, is grateful for braless blogerettes, finds The Best Reason To Wear Lingerie, makes the Flinstones bed-rock, exposes Beth, votes to Free The Boobies!, and gives us some Romantic Advice. Finally, he finishes up with this jewel about muffin buffin [don't miss this one!].

Thanks to Harvey and Sir John for sending me their posts. The rest of the Tales From The Champagne Room are posts that I gleaned while browsing around this week.

Eric at Straight White Guy warns us to Keep Your Barn Locked!

Beth at She Who Will Be Obeyed suggestes an Alliance of Nekkid Bloggers then she follows up with a list nekkid bloggers.

Pril of Nth of Pril is called Buttskin? What kind of name is that?

Helen of Everyday Stranger tells us how to Measure A Willie.

Helen follows with To Dream a Little Dream of You.

Eric wants to know is Fred a Ginger or is Ginger a Fred?

Emmie of I Don't Think has a Grammie whom wants to know.

Then Emmie Touches Herself.

Tiger of Raggin & Rantin gets a haircut!

SilverBlue has a picture of a chick with Huge Knockers! WOW!

Susie of Practical Penumbra inherited her er... large fonts from her mother.

Susie is a braless blogger!!! This should really get Mad Dog Harvey fired up [maybe he'll spill his seed like Onan]!

Jim from Snooze Button Dreams is looking for female orgasm volunteers!

Fantasy Festival 2003.

Bikini to Thong Converter

World Wide Wank: Handjobs across the world!

Stories from the Bible: Onan Spills His Seed.

The Erection Collection: "Weenies" The Adult Plush Toys. My favorite is "MASTURGATOR" the Alligator.

Porn Check: Make Sure Your Computer Has Exactly the Right Amount of Porn!

Eric has a moment to himself and gets Sticky.

Eric then bids us Farewell. [gotta see this one]

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The Grinning Masturbator
Excerpt: Yes, this week I'm starting early, hoping to post a script on the wall of the Champagne Room. It was a cool October day in 1994. Yes, really, it was, but I was still wearing a really, really short dress (which I still have and wear). I was casually dat...
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Barkeep, you're a filthy, disgusting pervert.

That, and the Champagne Room entry wasn't long enough (although I hear from the ladies that length is frequently an issue with you).

Posted by: Harvey on November 30, 2003 08:12 AM

Harvey, I watched a movie about you the other night... Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Posted by: The Bartender on December 1, 2003 12:41 PM

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