The Champagne Room

It's Sunday and time for another edition of The Champagne Room!

[Remember: There is no sex in The Champagne Room]


K-Cebo of Twisted Fans shows us why we should be fans of Kansas Basketball It looks like I'm a converted Duke fan!

Harvey at Bad Money has some kind of kinky sex bracelet thingy going on over at his joint.

Ravenwood tells us to Be Strong Honey!

Don from anger Management has several gems for us this week. He starts off with some info on Beavers.

He follows that with More on Beavers!

SilverBlue gives a cartoon on Butt Sniffers.

LeeAnn from The Cheese Stands Alone swoons for a Cajun gentleman.

From Bad Money via Snooze Buttom Dreams comes A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing Up. Go read Harvey's take on his not being the shortest one at the trough!

Jim pens a tale titled Somnolence of Clouds that is so erotic that it gets banned from the Carnival of the Vanities!

Darren, The Cool Colorado Conservative visits and Butt Hole Drive.

Eric at Straight White Guy is Worried about condom soup!

Pixy Misa has some weird Dominatrix thing going on.

Acidman has the Action Hero Dick of the blogosphere! And he wonders Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw?

Harvey has nasty hairy man-boobs? That's one sick fucker!

SilverBlue has advice for some jack-off: Hide and Go Fuck Yourself!

Holiday Family Fun Fest from [loads really slow but worth the wait]

Phil from Flying Chairs tells us of the perks of being on Hong Kong Vice Squad.

Dear Penis: [flash movie, loads slow]

The Most Phallic Building In The World

Rufus from Rod's Alter Ego gives us a Halloween tale.

Jelly Bracelets and Sex? from Jax Venus at Days Go By

Jennifer gives us some Gratuitous Nudity and Robust, Enthusiastic Porn!

Kim du Toit has shows us some Saturday Skin.

Pathetic Earthlings informs us that Lesbian Affairs aren's considered cheating but oral sex gets you two years!

Don from Anger Management starts up F.U.C.K. as in Phuck Phrank!

Paige asks if we are ready for Men In Skirts?

SilverBlue tells us the most powerful position.

LeeAnn wonders if the Radio Shack carries the Slightest Touch!

Nick the Dragon Slayer needs love too!

Bonnie Heather from Angleweave is looking for a no smoking bra?

Ted from Rocket Jones has discovered Octopus E.D.

Jim gives us the Paris Hilton Sex Video!


Dana, America's #1 pin-up girl, from Note-It Posts finds some sticky globs in her hair!

Here's one for Harvey!

Emmie from I Don't Think Anyone Reads This tells us when it's too young to start getting busy.

Time For Some Wang Tang!

Picture of Winnie the Poo, pulling his pud!

Last, but surely not least is Helen, Helen, Helen, Helen, Helen!

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