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Airing Saturday on Peyote TV at Nap Time:
Random Munuviana Episode 0006831492.

Drop that poor little monkey Frank J. Time for another action packed galactic thriller. Today the tube be smokin'. Up next, Don embraces existentialist philosophy when Helen makes bizarre assertions regarding dangerous telepathic plants.

Stick around for extreme carnage when Cherry's subspace communications facility is attacked by network executives in a living alien machine. Pixy Misa torpedoes the uncooperative interlopering comment spammers into submission after agreeing to a ceasefire, saving Susie from permanent damage.

Later on, Jen goes to the med lab to avoid the extreme heat from her interview with The Bartender. Tom feels extremely manly when Tuning Spork insults Dead Meat Victor at a deafening party. Meanwhile, our bonnie Heather escapes from restrictive delusions, creating much danger for Rocket Jones.

Finally, after Tim's overtly intellectual ads for nose reductions, industrial slavery and Kang's back room adoptions, meter maid Mookie and a bunch of high school girls stand around the hidden peephole and look at Jim's hairy back, everyone has a hearty laugh and they roll the credits next to a teaser for Survivor: Blogosphere Edition on Mars.

After the show, Daniel goes to Stevie's for some fine baked taters and a bottle of cheap wine. Everyone is getting ripped and LeAnn's World of Cheese is a great place.

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The story and names have been
cragerized to make it funny.


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I will buy you a nice Absolut with a lemon wedge if you will give me back my second e that you keep droppin'. :)

Posted by: LeeAnn on November 15, 2003 07:02 PM