Thursday Happy Hour

Madfish's Toast...
"Here's to matrimony...
The high sea for which no compass has yet been invented."

"I usually take a two hour nap from one to four."

Quotes on Drinking:
"One can drink too much, but one never drinks enough." Edward Burke

Things A Man Should Know: About Women:
Women like a man who likes women who like to eat.

ClueBat Insults
Thou mewling, idle-headed lewdster!

Movie Madness

Instead of Foreign Language Party Cookies, we'll do some other cussin' stuff. Multilingual Swear List presents these next 10 jewels of swearing:


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so... still a little bitter about not being blogrolled by Frank?

Posted by: Harvey on November 13, 2003 07:24 AM

Phrank's been a bad boy and is being spnaked until he starts acting right!

Posted by: The Bartender on November 13, 2003 07:52 AM

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