Harvey's Madfish Mojo Magic

Harvey has been puttin some kind of freaky mojo magic on the Madfish so he can't get his friggin tips out of the tip jar. For some weird reason, I haven't been able to view the currency pics on his site. Then, this afternoon they just mysteriously showed up again for no apparant reason.

Don't tell him, but I got Fatty Sue to put the reverse mojo hex on his nasty ass to get even with him for all the bad shit he been wishin on me here since lately. That ought ta learn him ta mess around wit da Madfish!

Here are some of the meager scraps Harvey sees fit to leave as tips. If that's all he can scrap together to leave as a tip, I got a tip for him... Never play leapfrog with a unicorn!

Here, he beat up Subway Jarred and took all his money. That shouldn't have too hard, since that poor fucking Jarred has been starving his ass off for a couple of years.

This dollar he was trying to have sex with.

This buckwas from when he rolled some illegal aliens, the ones from Mexico not the ones from outer space. He was trying to score some ganja but they didn't have any, so he just took their money.

This one illustrates his obssesion with losing presidential candidates. He stole it from Dukakis.

This one he stole from some blogger whore after he did his "business" with her.

He swiped this one from the League of Liberals PAC (Political Asshat Committee). I'll keep this one with no shame or guilt.

He even steals money from his buddy, Blackfive after he gets him drunk!

Moral of the story: when Harvey's around, hang on to your wallet!

by Madfish Willie on November 11 :: Permalink :: Comments (1) :: Who Cares
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Fuck you, Bartender!

If you'd actually *wash* the glasses in this joint instead of just wiping them on your grungy apron, you might get a little more jingle in your jar.

Posted by: Harvey on November 11, 2003 12:53 PM
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