The Adventures of Madfish Willie

The Big No-Sleep

A good drinking buddy, Blackfive, and I were in Madfish Willie's having some drinks on a Thursday night after work. We proceeded to get smashed and at the end of the night we decided to see how many days we could stay loaded AND awake. (I wouldn't recommend anyone trying this as it has its consequences, especially for the inexperienced drinker.) Anyway, we went to Susie's house after Madfish Willie's closed and drank all night long.

Blackfive and I were back at Madfish Willie's when it opened Friday morning. We were still very loaded, but awake. We stayed in Madfish Willie's drinking all day Friday and Friday Night till it closed up. I think someone gave us a bunch of really strong caffeine pills and we sort of "drank ourselves sober" at some point." We got a couple of twelve packs of beer 'to go' when we left Madfish Willie's Friday night for insurance.

We were STILL de termined not to "give up" on our Quest. I think by that time we thought we were on the verge of setting some sort of record.

It all got foggy for both of us between Friday night and Saturday morning. I do think we went to a couple of parties at Linda and Dana (America's #1 Pin Up Girl) and drove God knows where with who during the night still boozing it up. Amazingly, neither of us was ready (or able) to "give up." Somehow we made it back to Madfish Willie's (before it opened) and Jennifer was so shocked to see us there waiting for her to open up.

We staggered inside the dark bar (it had no windows) and ordered up drinks again. We were chasing our beer with Peppermint schnapps by then to sooth our aching stomachs. I must say at this point we were shit faced drunk, ragged looking and really in a fog. It was, in retrospect, almost a eligious experience. We drank thru the day and tried to play pool as best we could. We bull shitted everyone about every subject under the sun. I think Jennifer didn't throw us out because she didn't want to be the one to spoil our record breaking drunk. Besides, we were acquainted with her quite well. The crowd picked up and I decided to start buying Tequila shots for everyone there, in an attempt to put them in the same shape as us. It worked, as we watched everyone just melt from the continuous shots. The place started rocking and getting loud. I think there was even a fight or two.

At some point, Blackfive and I gazed up at the clock on the wall and seeing it was 1:30 we AGAIN ordered 2 twelve packs of beer "to go." This time it was for self-preservation on Sunday.

We told Jennifer that we were sorry to have to end our drunken Quest but we knew it was closing time. She looked at us and starting laughing uncontrollably. We didn't think closing time was very funny and ask her what the hell she was laughing about. We made quite a stir about her laughing at us and we got very belligerent and angry. She told both of us to go to the door and open it and look outside. We figured the Police were outside to arrest us.

We both went to the door and opened it, just knowing we were gong to jail. THE SUN LIGHT ALMOST BLINDED BOTH OF US! IT WAS 1:30 PM IN THE AFTERNOON not 1:30 AM. Blackfive and I staggered back to our barstools and laughed till we cried. We just couldn't stop laughing! In fact, the whole Corner of the Bar Gang and the Corner of the Bar Babes and everyone else in Madfish Willie's was laughing too!!

I still think it was the longest laugh I ever had. It was like we had been in a time warp and had gotten an entire day given back to us.

P.S. We both fell asleep in Madfish Willie's a few hours later and someone drove us home. It was absolutely the worst hangover I ever had but I'll always remember that Big Laugh we had.



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And I blame the Bartender for this one. Matty O'Blackfive & I are both prior military, and, as all prior military will tell you, a proper clock has 24 hours on it. Any time you see 1:30, that means the bar is about to close.

Stupid civilian clocks.

Posted by: Harvey on November 3, 2003 09:22 AM

That was me driving your sorry asses home. You owe me one ;)


Posted by: hln on November 4, 2003 09:26 PM
Let's hear your bullshit

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