Thursday Happy Hour

Moe's Toast...
"May we never see an old friend with a new face."

"Yogi met George Bush during a election campaign. Bush said Texas was important. Yogi said "Yexas has a lot of electrical votes."

Quotes on Drinking:
"Were I to prescribe a rule for drinking, it should be formed upon a saying quoted by Sir William Temple: the first glass for myself, the second for my friends, the third for good humor, and the fourth for mine enemies." Joseph Addison

Things A Man Should Know: About Women:
Women, much like men, are human, and thus appreciate it when you ask them questions about themselves.

ClueBat Insults
Thou infectious, full-gorged haggard!

Movie Madness

Today's Foreign Language Party Cookie is Chinese (click thru for the really good stuff)
hum kah chan: death to your family!
lok chat: dick
hamsap: horny person
gai: whore
lun-yeung, lun tao: dick face and dick head
jhew lun dou: Pig cock scrotum


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