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sexual innuendo or necro-bestiality. Never can tell.
May cause hair loss in test animals, dry mouth, vertigo, or night sweats.

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Random Madfish pisode 0006811505.

Stay tuned for Random Madfish. With yet another formulaic cheeseball space based thriller. Today's episode. Lord Spatula I joins a cult when an expendable bit player has crazy ideas about modified human body parts.

Later on, Straight White Guy goes to the Continuum to beat the snot out of an old enemy. Linda K feels strangely invincible when The Borg Queen eats Serenity at a weird little vacation planet. Meanwhile, Jem'Hadar killers escape from Borg space, causing angst and loathing for Harvey and Rocket Jones.

See guts and brains on the walls when a subspace communications facility is attacked by doped up gangsters in a living alien machine. Blackfive phasers the violent cretins into withdrawl through sheer luck and brinksmanship, saving a struggling NCC 1701 from bad hibbidy-jibbidy and vampires.

Finally, after several aesthetically deafening ads for moldy oldie CD collections, disposable diapers and personal trainers, Harvey and Rocket Jones stand around the remote viewscreen and look at a FINE bimbo's sleeping quarters, everyone has a hearty laugh and they roll the credits next to a teaser for Insomniac Cannibal Theater.

After the show, the crew goes to the Champagne Room for sizzlin' hog jowls and a little leather. Everyone is insured for millions and the boundless void is a great place.

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HA! That was pretty good...now get me a SCOTCH and WATER....

Posted by: Eric on October 27, 2003 04:44 PM

Hey, Eric, I'll join you in a minute. But first I have to get rid of the bad hibbidy-jibbidy and vampires...man, I hate vampires. They really cut into a man's drinkin' time.

Posted by: Blackfive on October 28, 2003 01:14 PM

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