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January 30, 2004

Homicidal Maniak - Final Design


Above is a screen capture of the final design presented and approved by Homicidal Maniak.

Here is a full screen sample at 1024x768 resolution. This view is the site non IE users will see. The embedded font technology will not show in other browsers. The following view for the 800x600 resolution show the embedded font in the date bar, in the post title, and the sidebar titles.

Here is a full screen sample espceially for viewers 800x600 resolution. This view is implemented via a button at the top of the left column. Clicking the button will give the readers with 800x600 resolution access to a readable site. Both sites update simultaneously through the regular posting method. I also installed modules for the links that will update both site views with one edit. Cool stuff!

Here is an Trackback Template screen sample. I installed the logo graphic and tweaked the CSS for this template. I also installed the logo graphic on all the comment templates.

Here is a roll-down or expanding comment listing screen sample. The shows how the previous comments display when you click the roll-down comment link. I really like this script because I don't like waiting for the comment window to open. A reader friendly feature.

Here is a closed comments in the Monthly or Date-Based Archives screen sample. To prevent the old comments from being spammed, I installed a script that closes access to comment posting after 30 days. Notice that on the January 29 post the comment link is working. The January 30 post has the comments disabled and tells the reader that there are "x" comments to read via the roll-down comment feature.

This site was more of a "complete and tweak" design effort. The site author had the basic layout, color scheme, and graphics completed, but was trying to implement a 3 column design. A regular reader of Eric over at Straight White Guy, she passed a message to me via Eric. So, we got together and implemented a 3 column design plus did some slight tweaking to the stylesheet.

This site required a couple of new design elements that were fun to implement.

Site Features:

  • Custom 3 column design
  • Custom 800x600 View script, page design and implementation
  • Installed archive pages logos
  • Installed comment pages logos
  • Installed trackback page logo
  • Custom archive pages designed
  • Custom comment pages designed
  • Custom trackback page designed
  • Custom display trackback pings code
  • Installed text formatting scripts and shortcut buttons for comments
  • Installed a comment closing script for all archives
  • Expanding & collapsing extended entry scripts
  • Expanding & collapsing comments viewer scripts
  • Embedded font technology for IE compatible browsers

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