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January 28, 2004

U S U R P - Final Design


Above is a screen capture of the final design presented and approved by U S U R P [United Society of Unusually Responsible People].

Here is a full screen sample at 1024x768 resolution. It's a large image, so it may take a while to download on a dial-up connection.

Here is a full screen sample at 800x600 resolution. On the 800x600 view, the red is solid all the way to the edge of the page, and the blue fades to white toward the edge of the page.

Here is an Individual Entry Archives screen sample. I placed all the archives in the same format as the main page for a consistant look and access to all the site links from any view.

Here is a comment listing screen sample. I placed the trasparent gif logo on all the comment and trackback templates so the colored background would show through.

Notice that the design is off-center with the red column on the left narrower than the blue column on the right. We matched the color scheme to an existing logo the site administrator had already designed. Then, we tweaked his logo design to make it a transparent gif image to place on the blue background of the comments and trackback listings. The background is a 20px high image with three color columns. We repeated the image down the Y-axis of the body to achieve the gradient fill effect with the colors fading to white. This approach required us to use exact positioning methods to place the content column and the sidebar column.

All in all, this site required several unusual and challenging design aspects that were fun to implement.

Site Features:

  • Custom off-center 2 column design
  • Custom banner/logo
  • Custom background graphic
  • Custom archive pages logos
  • Custom comment pages logos
  • Custom trackback page logo
  • Custom archive pages designed
  • Custom comment pages designed
  • Custom trackback page designed
  • Custom display trackback pings code
  • Installed text formatting scripts and shortcut buttons for comments
  • Expanding & collapsing extended entry scripts
  • Expanding & collapsing comments viewer scripts

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