T'was a week before Chirstmas...

And three regular golfing partners are bemoaing the fact their wives would never consdier the idea of them meetings on the links for a few rounds such as Christmas.

One guy bragged, "I'm the man of my house, and if I want to be here at 8 AM Christmas day, well, that's where I'll be! And I've got $5000 to back it up!"

Not to be outdone, the next one says, "Well I wear the pants in my marriage, see... and I'll see your five thou and RAISE you another five! I'll be here, ready for golf, at 8 AM Christmas day!"

Third guietely says, "Well, obviously I'm surrounded *shaking his head humbly*. I'll see the ten thousand, raise another five, and then call."

Christmas morning, there they are - all sharp and ready at 8 AM.

First guy says, "How the FUCK did you do that? I had to hand my wife a Zale's catalog, and promise whatever she wants for Christmas! Of course she picked the most expensive item, from the back page..."

Second guy actually weeps, saying he had to buy that new Lexus for her, delivered with a bow in the driveway, to then be told he couldn't even drive it to the course! "Maybe another time," she tells him.

Third guy smiles with a shy grin. Me, I just didn't bother brushing my teeth last night. When we woke up, I said, "Merry Christmas, sweetheart! Let's either fuck, or could play golf!

In her half-sleep, she said, "Take sweater. It's cold out there."

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