When Harvey Met Jake

Many years ago, Harvey decided to take a cruise. While going through some unexpected bad weather, the ship was pushed far off course. Damaged, the ship sank.

In the ensuing panic, Harvey didn't manage to get on one of the lifeboats, but he did spy what looked like an island. So he began to swim for the shore. As he swam, he noticed a dog from the ship swimming nearby. Almost there, he started to weaken, when the dog siezed him by his shirt collar and dragged him to land.

Harvey decided to look around the island in the hopes of locating help. There were no signs of recent human activity, but he found evidence that someone had been there before... there was a large flock of sheep grazing on a hillside. He marked this as a food supply, and then remembered what some of his friends back in Wisconsin had said... a sheep's vagina is fairly close to a woman's. He chuckled to himself, and set out to find food.

After a week, Harvey is feeling a little lonely, and he once again thinks of his friends from 'sconsin. So he makes his way up to the flock and starts to eye a large ewe, when the dog, who he now calls Jake, comes running up, grabs his pantleg and growls. Harvey looks at Jake and says, "Thanks, boy! I almost did something really stupid!" This happens a few more times, each time Harvey being less pleased with the dog looking out for him.

One day, the very frustrated Harvey starts to make his way up the hill, when he spies smoke on the horizon. Thinking he's about to be rescued, he runs down the hill to the beach. There he sees that another ship is sinking, and as he watches, he sees splashing as someone is swimming towards the island. He watches until he notices that the swimmer isn't going to make it, then takes off to help.

Harvey reached the swimmer just as they went under for the last time. He managed to bring the swimmer (a woman) to the surface and he dragged her to the beach. Here he discovers that not only is this a woman, but an incredibly beautiful woman... the woman of his dreams! He happily performed mouth to mouth, and brought her around.

The woman looks at him, and thanks him profusely. She promises that she will do anything for him since he saved her life. Harvey's eyes lighten up as he asks, "Anything?" She says, "yes," and he starts grinning like an idiot.

Then he says, "Just hang on to this damn dog for five minutes..."

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She wast pissed, too, because it actually took TEN minutes :-)

Posted by: Harvey on May 16, 2005 09:01 AM

'splain... I don't get it...

Posted by: Madfish Willie on May 16, 2005 10:29 PM