The Beer That Time Forgot

A few years ago a dozen or so of us put our names in for a slow-pitch softball tournament about 100 kilometers away. That means on the road 6 o'clock in the morning with bats and balls and beer. Our first game was 8 o'clock and we started on the beer right away - drinking and hitting and running around. The day was looking good. After that game we went to a little club that was nearby to enjoy some refreshments inside and plot strategy for the next game - who'll pitch, who'll sit out and who'll go get more beer. While we were there Harvey noticed a beer on the top of the cooler easily within reach. So when the owner left the bar for a couple of seconds Harvey ran over, grabbed it and bought it back to the table and started drinking it. We asked how it was and he said it was a bit stale but it was free so you can't complain. Then the owner came back and right away he yelled "WHICH ONE OF YOU TOOK THE GOD DAMN BEER OFF THE COOLER?" We were quiet for a couple of seconds and Harvey said he took it and asked what the big deal was - he'll pay for it. But the owner said it was an old style beer bottle from ten years ago that he was going to put in a display case at the bar. I guess that plan went down the drain. That was our last trip to that bar so I'm not sure what he put in the display case after.

~Matty O'Blackfive

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