Bad Example

Well, just finished up the design for fellow MuNuvian Harvey's new blog over Bad Example.

We finally got him off the world's slowest loading blooger list. I used to pull his page up, go grab some coffee, make some breakfast, take a crap, read the paper and then finally his site would be up. And I have a broadband connection.

It's a complete design overhaul. He's got a nice 3 column design with all kinds of thingys & doodads to make the reader experience a little easier. For those visually or harware impaired, we set up a link to a 800x600 view for the main page. If you need to view 800x600 click the littel button and you'll go to a 2 column design with the same content and the two sidebars merges together.

Pam did all the banners (12 to be exact) and we have several of them in a rotating banner script. She really does a great job coming up with new and unique ideas for all the sites she works with.

He's even started to post so I need to give him his first official MuNu trackback.

Go over and tell him to Fuck Off... tell 'em Madfish sent you!

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Consider my off fucked.

Thanks, Barkeep :-)

Posted by: Harvey on May 8, 2004 12:40 PM

Glad to see you support BWB, MW. I like the site designs. Care to fill me in? Mine needs work.

Posted by: maura on May 8, 2004 12:43 PM

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