Moe's Martini Recipes

[Orginally posted on October 5, 2003]

Harvey over at Bad Money gives my favorite cartoon bartender, Moe Syzslak, Martini recipes and names for the cast of The Simpsons. (Is there another cartoon bartender? Inquiring minds want to know.)

My recommendations for Moe were:

Willie-tini: substitute Jamesons Irish Whiskey, garnish w/ potato peel, rip shirt off and say "Now grease me up, woman."

Patty/Selma-tini: double standard recipe in tall glass, served with pack of cigarettes

BumbleBee Guy-tini: substitute Tequila, add dash of salt, lime juice, and lime wedge ... Hey that's a Margarita, D'oh

My favorite Martini recipe was from Mike the Marine:

Moe-tini: served on fire... at double the cost

Scroll down the comments to see the rest. A couple of them look pretty tasty - might have to try them out at the First Annual Madfish Willie's Martini Party.


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