Serving Wine

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Opening the Bottle

  • Cut the foil off neatly below the rim.

  • Remove the cork, taking care not to bend it.

  • Be careful not to shake the wine up, especially in the case of older wines that may have thrown sediment.

Pouring the Wine
  • Wipe the top of the bottle, or pour about an ounce into your glass to remove cork fragments. This also enables you to inspect the colour, texture and taste of the wine.

  • Inspect the cork to see that it is not too dry and crumbling. This can indicate a bottle of wine that has been standing upright for a long period. If the cork is dry it may shrink; this can lead to oxidation, or "corked" wine.

  • Decant the wine if necessary by pouring it into a carafe. Make sure no sediment transfers into the new container.

  • Fill the wine glass to two-thirds of its capacity. This allows the bouquet to develop and makes it easier to drink and swirl the wine without spilling.

Storing the Wine at the Table
  • Place the bottle at the right side of the host.

  • Ask for an ice bucket if the wine is too warm, or refuse one if the wine is too cold. Don't be shy!

Quick Wine Tip
Giving the bottle a little twist after pouring avoids spilling or dripping on the tablecloth.

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