Serving Wine

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In the world of connoisseurs, there are several rules that are a must for formal wine service.

May I Have Another Glass?

For many wine lovers, enjoying a great bottle tends to be a very involved process. However, understanding ways to enjoy wine elevates the entire wine tasting experience.


Different shapes of glasses are made to complement different types of wine. Be sure, when serving or drinking wine, to use the proper wine glass. This will help you enjoy your wine to the fullest.

White wine glasses are tulip shaped. If other glasses are unavailable, white wine glasses are acceptable to serve red or sparkling wine.

Red wine glasses are usually larger in size. They have a rounder bowl to enhance the wine's aroma by allowing more air contact.

Flutes are for sparkling wines or Champagne. These are tall and thin to bring out the delicate scent and effervescence of the wine.

The proper way to hold any style of glass is by the stem. In addition to keeping unsightly fingerprints off of the glass, this also prevents the wine from heating to an undesirable temperature. Beware of too large a bowl; it can make a glass unsteady.

For a good all purpose wine glass, look for a glass with a minimum capacity of 10 oz. The glass must be transparent to allow the taster to examine the wine's colour and body. The glass should also curve in at the top to retain the bouquet or scent.

All purpose white wine glasses are adequate for serving red wine, but it is unacceptable to serve white wine in a red wine glass.

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Of the two types of glasses for champagne, the flute and the saucer shaped... the lore behind the saucer is intriguing. As I was told in Riems, the glass was made by Louis XIV in the shape of Marie Antoinnette's left breast.... makes a great converstation bit at weddings where that shape of plastic glass is in abundance.. urban legend or not

Posted by: oceanguy on April 29, 2004 03:40 PM

Does this mean I have to trash my red plastic "wine" glasses I got from Walmart? Damn - Boone's Farm really tasted good in those and they don't break when you miss the table top...

Posted by: Teresa on April 30, 2004 03:43 PM